Projects Jordan

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is a bastion of development in the troubled Middle East. FOI and its Board members have a decades-long partnership with two educational projects, one for underprivileged, special-needs youth. This is a special longer-term service project for donors and participants to support.


Kenya Project

Foundation Outreach International is excited about offering our first Youth Camp in the African country of Kenya. FOI volunteers will serve as staff, taking charge and teaching various activities for the Kenyan youth who will come as campers.


Projects Zambia

Lusaka, Zambia, is one of the fastest growing cities in central Africa, but over 60% of its 2 million citizens face unemployment. We sponsor scholarships for student teachers to instruct basic computer and English classes in this growing country.


Projects Ghana

Ghana, and its capital of Accra, is among the friendliest of West African countries. The nation's economy is heavily based in agriculture and minerals, with a largely rural population. Ghana has realized improvements in its economy and infrastructure through aid and joint-ventures from other Western countries.


Zimbabwe Projects

Foundation Outreach International has designed the programs to help motivated young adults connect with Zimbabwean citizens through service. This dimension of leadership and service will be awakened and directed toward our vision of "Doing a World of Good".


Malawi is a poor country in terms of wealth, but a very friendly and welcoming one. Foundation Outreach International will have the opportunity to represent their individual countries as well as the organization, and in a limited way help advance the cause of global unity coupled with international cooperation.


Participants will serve as dental assistants and teachers, assisting our dentist and conducting basic conversational English classes for adults and youth in Rwanda.